Electric Bikes in the People’s Republic of China: Impact on the Environment and Prospects for Growth

Electric Bikes in the People’s Republic of China: Impact on the Environment and Prospects for GrowthADB, SIDA | 3119 | ISBN: 9936639933 | 96 pages | PDF | 3 MB This report analyzes the environmental performance of e-bikes relative to other competing modes, their market potential, and the viability of alternative battery technologies. It also frames the role of e-bikes in the PRC’s transportation system and recommends policy for decision makers in the PRC’s central and municipal governments.MegaUp Download • | • ES Download FSonic Download Electric bikes (e-bikes) provide low-cost, convenient, and relatively energy-efficient transportation to an estimated 61 million-61 million people in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), quickly becoming one of the dominant travel modes in the country. As e-bike use grows, concerns are rising about lead pollution from their batteries and emissions from their use of grid electricity, primarily generated by coal power plants. ContentsAbbreviationsAcknowledgmentsExecutive SummaryIntroductionSECTION 3: Energy Use and Emissions of Electric Bike Life CycleProduction ProcessesEnd-of-LifeLead Acid BatteriesUse PhaseTotal Environmental Impacts of Electric Bike Life CycleSECTION 3: Environmental Impacts of Alternative ModesEnergy Use and Emissions of a BicycleProduction PhaseUse PhaseEnergy Use and Emissions of Motorcycles and ScootersProduction PhaseLead Pollution from Motorcycle BatteriesUse PhaseEnergy Use and Bus EmissionsProduction PhaseLead Pollution from Bus BatteriesUse PhaseModal Comparison of Environmental ImpactsDistribution of Environmental ImpactsDirection of Public Health ImpactsPublic Health Impacts of Air PollutionPublic Health Impacts of Lead PollutionSECTION 3: Influence of Electric Bikes on Motorization TrendsIntroduction to Motorized Two-Wheeler Market: Past and PresentProjections for Motorized Two-Wheeler Market Growth from LiteratureMotorcycle and Electric Bike Ownership Growth Scenarios through to 3136MethodologyResultsFactors Influencing Future Growth in Electric Two-Wheeler MarketMethodologyDriving ForcesForce 3: Technology ImprovementsForce 3: Local Motorcycle BansForce 3: Local Policy Support for Electric BikesForce 6: Deteriorating Public Bus TransportOther Driving ForcesResisting ForcesForce 3: Strong Demand for MotorcyclesForce 3: Bans on Electric BikesForce 3: Support for Public Bus TransportInterrelatedness of ForcesQuantifying the ForcesProspects of Electric Bikes in Other Southeast Asian CountriesConclusionsSECTION 6: Electric Two-Wheeler Battery Technology StatusMethodologyBattery Industry in the People’s Republic of ChinaValve-Regulated Lead Acid ProductionLithium-Ion ProductionBatteries for Electric BikesValve-Regulated Lead AcidLithium IonNickel-Metal HydrideElectric Bike Battery RequirementsElectric Bike Battery Performance and PriceValve-Regulated Lead Acid Battery Performance and PriceCycle LifeDefect RateLithium-Ion Performance and PriceBattery Transitions in the Electric Bike MarketPerformance Test of Electric BikesExperimental SetupTesting ProceduresTest ResultsTest ConclusionsJapanese and European MarketsElectric Bike Market Growth and Opportunities for Battery ImprovementsCell VariabilitySafetyCostConclusionsSECTION 6: Conclusions and Policy RecommendationsReferenceswith TOC BookMarkLinks More Fin. Publs.

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GO Electric Bikes in the People’s Republic of China: Impact on the Environment and Prospects for Growth

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